I was tagged #20factsaboutme by D. 1. I play sports but running seems to be number one for the last 7 months.
2. People often think I’m Chinese but I’m actually Malay and race doesn’t really matter right?
3. I used to have long hair but shit happened.
4. I really like Orca whales since young.
5. Sunsets are my thing.
6. I’ve met Natasha Crnjac and I think she’s super hot.
7. I don’t watch movies in cinemas as I feel that it’s a waste of money.
8. Middle child.
9. Tea time is a must while travelling.
9. Can’t dance, won’t dance.
10. I have interest in Sociology. Would love to study it in the near future.
11. Slight fear of claustrophobia.
12. Fish > Chicken
13. My love for Mother Nature will never die.
14. Reading on buses or trains.
15. Volunteerism is my thing. I believe that giving is better than receiving.
16. Love heights! You get such a great view from up there.
17. Never been beyond Asia, not yet.
18. This number is how old I’m gonna be in 15 days.
19. Fickle minded sometimes especially when it comes to food.
20. Wouldn’t mind walking anywhere or everywhere for food. Just walking in general.

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You see it’s been a long time I came here with #NehShingChoy and nostalgia hit me and I miss those times much!

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Cause you know we did weeding and cleaning, yeah…make a guess how many trash bags we used, 6 bags 6 bags and full of ants

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Put on my gloves with shovel in my hand, to Butterfly Hill

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Saturday morning jumped out of bed and putting on my trail shoes, got in the boat and wind blew my hair all the way to Ubin

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Stoning while funeral is going on

"Wait, change parting first" - Mr Denesh

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